Why am I doing restaurant reviews in Powell River?

I find it very disappointing and irksome that there are so many lousy restaurants that turn out nasty, uninspired pap. I mean really: food doesn’t need to be highbrow, but it has to be made with real, fresh ingredients and prepared with skill and care. And it takes more than tablecloths and linen napkins to be a fine dining establishment.

Another reason for doing reviews is that I want to steer people toward the local restaurants that are doing it right. The owners are inspired, skilled and have good food sense. These places will give you a good meal and a good impression of what Powell River has to offer.

There are financial constraints that keep me from going at this like a professional reviewer. Unlike a professional, I usually don’t go back for a second try if the first experience is bad. Why would I want to waste my money like that? But, like a professional, I offer you an informed opinion that is as evenhanded as possible. I work anonymously because it’s the only way to be honest and still have friends.

My intention is to review all kinds of restaurants, from diners to fine dining houses, from sandwich shops to bakeries. Food quality and consistency come first. I also look for reasonably professional and efficient service.  I look for a clean and comfortable environment. Nice decor is an added pleasure but isn’t essential.  Hopefully, I will be able to help you maximize your dining pleasure and minimize disappointment as you explore our slim little sliver of habitation along this beautiful, wild coast.

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3 Responses to “Why am I doing restaurant reviews in Powell River?”

  1. hey
    nice blog. I have some similar experiences, but we can’t eat gluten or dairy, so that ups the problems. Have you tried Minato? we really enjoy the food, service and feel of the restaurant. Plus, the owner knows every single thing that goes in all the dishes, so is able to always steer us towards foods we will like, that don’t have things we are allergic to.
    Most of the restaurants do an amazing job with food sensitivities but he’s the best so far.
    take care and continue to keep us up to date!

  2. I always get a laugh at the town centre hotel saying they have the best burgers in town. If you consider tiny frozen patties from Sysco a good burger, you dont have any tastebuds 🙂 look at your burger meat the next time you have one there….its NOT GOOD!

  3. I went to a luncheon at the Town Centre Hotel and it was baaaaaad. I’ve never been interested in wasting my time and money to visit again for the purpose of doing a review for this blog. If you’re staying at the hotel you’ll have to go walking or driving to find good food.

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