The Shinglemill Pub

The best thing about the Shinglemill is its deck, which sits right over Powell Lake. If you want to drink a beer in a nice location, this is it.  But the food is pretty bad.  When I pay $12 for a hamburger, I don’t expect a rubbery, factory made meat patty. And the chicken strips look like they came straight out of the box, as do the fries.

Last summer it was a big deal to go the Shinglemill once a week for boiled shrimp and garlic butter. They were sweet and wonderful, and a fluffy calico cat would mosey around the deck, mooching for handouts.  But I was absolutely disgusted the last time we went out for shrimp night.  The shrimp were so close to spoiling that along the backs, the flesh was soft like paste. Disgusting. And instead of melted garlic butter, they were serving little cups of flavored oil. Like the fake butter that gets squirted on popcorn. Can you believe it? We sent the shrimp back and they happily sent out a new order….of decaying shrimp.

Get a  clue, Shinglemill crew:   Aged beef=sublime   Aged shellfish=garbage.

Update: Summer 2010

Finally was lured back, hoping to enjoy sweet shrimp on the deck. The shrimp were beautiful! Tender and fresh. But they are still trying to pass off some nasty flavored oil as ‘butter’. Seriously?  So if you go down to the Shinglemill for shrimp next summer, opt for some cocktail sauce. It’s not on the menu but they will provide it if you ask.

Update: Winter 2011

Trying to find somewhere to catch an early dinner leaves very few options here in Powell River. We went to the Shinglemill and sat in the pub. The good news: I have to tell you, the prime rib was absolutely wonderful. Cooked perfectly, tender as can be, and full of that nice rich beefy flavor. The bad news: the so-called dry roasted pork ribs rubbed with garlic and black pepper we ordered as an appetizer turned out to be breaded, deep fried McNuggets of pork. That kind of shit really pisses me off. Just take it off the menu if your kitchen staff is too freakin’ undisciplined to plan ahead.

Update: had a very nice platter of fish and chips out on the deck. As of 2014, these appear to be the best fish and chips in Powell River. Moist fish, crispy light batter, nice tartar sauce. Good on ‘ya Shinglemill!


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  1. keep driving…any direction

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