Magpie’s Diner

Magpie’s continues to be a favorite for me. I love their breakfasts, and the patty sausage is locally sourced, beautifully seasoned and comes from a heritage breed of pigs that live good free range lives. The omelets are nicely prepared, not overcooked, with sauteed onions and peppers, and just the right amount of gooey cheese. The breakfast bagels have a fried egg, cheese, bacon and a nice thick slice of tangy tomato. Next time you have to eat breakfast on the ferry, call in your order and pick up one of these babies. You’ll be so glad you did.

For lunch, the poutine is decadent, with great tasting brown gravy and big stretchy curds of melted cheese. Best I’ve had anywhere, including Montreal. The Grilled Chicken-Bacon Club is amazing!! Tender, juicy slices of roast chicken, nice fat slices of tomato, some bacon and swiss cheese, all lovely and melty deliciousness.  The Triple Grilled Cheese is what all the baby grilled cheese sandwiches should aspire to be when they grow up. There is plenty of good quality cheese on the inside, then they sprinkle cheese on the outside so that when it grills, this wonderful delicate crust forms. Don’t let it sit on your plate and get soggy underneath. If the stars align for you, you’ll find a tomato soup among the daily specials. Do not pass up a chance to enjoy a bowl of their tomato soup. It’s exploding with flavor! They tell me that for a few dollars extra, you can get endless refills on the soup and fries.

There are a few items on the menu that I don’t enjoy:  I tried their hamburger and, meh, I’m not impressed. The patty was rubbery from being overworked and overpressed. I am not fond of the hot roast beef sandwich either. Something about reheating the beef gives it a flavor that is very unappealing. I was excited to try the brioche french toast at Magpie, as the very wonderful Moonsnail Bakery was supplying the bread. To my surprise, it was a big disappointment. The inside of each piece is just dry bread. I think they would be better off slicing it thinner and serving 3 pieces. And the cooks need to give this some critical tasting because there is something imbalanced in the overall flavor. My guess is that it needs more salt. And maybe a sweetened, drizzle cooked raspberry puree, or a nice apple butter would work better than the sweet syrup. While I don’t like the brioche french toast, the Magpie’s regular french toast is terrific.

Magpie is now located in the Cranberry neighborhood of Powell River. It’s a much larger place, and it’s really beautiful. Lot’s of rich color on the walls, good light, and graceful arches. There were some growing pains as they struggled to bring new wait staff on board, but things are running smoothly now. They just started doing a dinner service, which I am eager to try. Cranberry neighbors are proud and excited to have another thriving business in “The Paris of Powell River”.

Update: Magpie’s continues to flourish. It took a lot of work and money to get set up in the Cranberry location, but from my standpoint, it was worth it. It is such a beautiful space and a much more attractive and visible location. The food still rocks, and the wait staff are still great. It would be perfect heaven if they would offer real hashbrowns made from real boiled potatoes instead of country fried potatoes.




~ by maijatomboy on October 14, 2010.

5 Responses to “Magpie’s Diner”

  1. How is Powell River so very blessed with great food? The town I moved to is the same size and hoo boy – PR wins! Hooray for fresh food on the coast – your review is making me want muffins, for sure.

  2. Thanks for the comment ladybuck! Actually it was the really awful restaurants in Powell River that made me start these reviews. I was really tired of substandard meals, and wanted to do something about it. Sorry your little town is lacking good places to eat 😦

  3. A friend just pointed me to your website, it’s me Magpie…Thanks for the nice review, I’m thrilled you like the food I cook. Bummer about the roast beef, wonder what went wrong with your sandwich? It’s a fave for so many folks. I roast the beef myself and I cook it really rare. Funny because I’ve thought of serving it as a rare roast beef sandwich on toasted rye but I thought it was too rare for most folks. Anyway you have given me something to think about and I’ll have to start experimenting with beef again and come up with a different sandwich! By the way, the server is my husband and yes, he is a man of few words…which can be good and bad, just depends on the situation :).
    Thanks for your continued support, I really appreciate it.

    Margaret Thistle,
    Magpie’s diner.

  4. Just had breakfast there. It was best I have had in a long time. the coffee is really good to. It is apparent that the cook loves what she does. I really want to get there for a burger. Don’t let the outside look of the hotel throw you off. the lobby is very cool and the entire place is like a time machine.

    I liked the 1950’s feel without being fake and over the top. Keep it real. Yup the waiter is a quiet guy. that’s cool too. forgot the jam for the toast but I didn’t need it as the food was so good it would have been an extra.

  5. Im “magpies” son, living Newfoundland…Ive been hearing all these stories of magpies diner, even out here in Portugal Cove, NL and Its been three years coming and I cant wait to have a feed at Magpies!!

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