Laughing Oyster

The quality is really spotty in a place that looks so promising.

If you do decide to go, stay away from the fish and chips, they are soggy and greasy and lack flavor. The oyster sandwich was kind of a bland mushy affair. The salmon crepes were good and the pasta alfredo was too.  I’ve had a good steak dinner with some nice veg on the side. Nothing to write home about, but it was good.

Stay away from the buffets, unless you don’t really care about taste and texture.

This place has a wonderful view of Okeover arm, but if it’s really hot weather you’ll roast on their semi-enclosed patio.

So, even though, the view is great and we had a super nice waitress, I say thumbs down because the quality is inconsistent and they are charging fine dining prices.

Update 2010: Visiting friends wanted to dine with me at the Laughing Oyster, and we had a really nice time. Again the service was friendly and efficient. The Calamari appetizer was super good, even though some of the tentacle bunches were too big to handle without awkwardness. The Halibut Meuniere was delicious as were the grilled veggies that accompanied the dish. As I said above, there are some great dishes to be had if you know what to order.

Update 2013: Another group of visitors wanted to go to the Laughing Oyster because of its proximity to the dock in Okeover. There were six of us dining on the patio, the weather was beautiful, there were no bugs, and the other diners were very pleasant to be around. Our server was friendly and skilled, unfortunately the way they had the table placed, she had to very awkwardly reach across us to serve the people at the back of the table, so that her torso was in your face, literally. And, unfortunately, this hard working person’s deodorant was not up to the job, so we got a whiff of BO that wasn’t too appetizing. I feel bad writing this because it’s such a personal thing. I hope if she reads this she’ll take it constructively, and just use something a little stronger. And I hope the restaurant management rethinks the arrangement of the round tables on the deck.
My companions are wine connoisseurs and they really enjoyed the organic white BC wine. However, they were disappointed that it wasn’t chilled adequately. They loved their halibut, which was perfectly cooked, and the oven roasted vegetables were a hit too. The New York steak was very tasty but very tough.


~ by maijatomboy on October 16, 2010.

One Response to “Laughing Oyster”

  1. went there a while back for a special occasion. what a mistake. our bread was over toasted. the food was just ok. the waitress was a lost cause and snotty. the table next to us had a vase with flowers in it. the flowers were covered in little cluster spiders (we were sitting on the deck) the old couiple there didn’t see them and were just leaving. the waitress saw them when she cleared the table, looked shocked and left them there for the next patrons to enjoy. 3 of us over $100. and I felt ripped off. I don’t mind paying if it’s worth it. this wasn’t. they are resting on thier laurels instead of trying

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