Rene’s Pasta

Great place to pick up your fresh pasta. Rene’s place is short on decor and comfort, but he makes great pasta in a whole bunch of different shapes. It’s excellent, and it’s reasonably priced. If you start talking about cooking, Rene’s reserve thaws and he’ll give you all sorts of cooking advice. Besides the fresh pasta, he offers fresh pasta sauce and prepared pasta dishes like lasagna and penne that you just reheat. Rene will say that you don’t need to precook his sheets of lasagne pasta, but I disagree. I tried his method and it was a gummy mess. Instead, cut the sheets into wide strips and boil them in salted water until al dente. I also recommend you stay away from the so-called Alfredo sauce. It’s a badly balanced veloute or bechamel sauce. A relatively new offering is the artisan gelato they make on the premises. This gelato is also featured on the dessert menu at the Alchemist restaurant, which might be the best fine dining establishment on the Sunshine Coast. If it’s good enough to be on their menu, you can believe it’s wonderful.

I can’t really recommend eating at Rene’s. It’s just not very comfortable. But do stop in and pick up some delicious pasta or dessert to enjoy at home. It’s just the thing for a cold winter evening.


~ by maijatomboy on October 17, 2010.

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