Local? yes! Organic? yes! Affordable? not so much…

I feel like I could be stirring up a hornets nest, but I have to say that there is something really wrong about pricing local milk at $4.50 a liter.  And when the little old lady at the farmer’s market asks a dollar for 2 figs, I call that price gouging.

I don’t know if it’s because growers are asking the consumers to underwrite the high cost of start-up projects, or trying to underwrite a lifestyle that is high on aesthetics and low on productivity.  Maybe it really is impossible to produce affordable food that is local and organic.  Maybe their target consumers are the wealthy and idealistic. But locavore eating will never be adopted by any significant sector of the population unless the prices are low enough that people can afford to get their meats, vegetables, dairy and fruit in sufficient quantities to satisfy their hunger AND their appetites.

When I was raising a child on below-poverty-line income, the only organic, local food I could provide were the wild fruits and berries we picked, and the herbs and vegetables we grew when we were fortunate enough to have space to garden.  Even though I have more money now I am not willing to pay $30 every time I want a roasting chicken. That is not sustainable in my world.


~ by maijatomboy on October 20, 2010.

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