Tree Frog Bistro

There was quite a bit of buzz as we all watched the remodel construction going on for several weeks. The Tree Frog was relocating from its former site on Gillies Bay, over on Texada Island. The place seemed to be doing good business as soon as they opened the doors, and it looked really pretty and bistro chic from the sidewalk. We went on a moderately busy night. The decor looked great and service was good. We started with the calamari rings and the prawn bisque, with Chicken Paprika and a Seafood Linguine for entrees. The calamari rings were just ok. They weren’t overcooked, but there was something unpleasant about the breading. It felt kind of floury or mealy in my mouth. The Prawn bisque was nice, but nothing to write home about. I didn’t think the entrees were very good at all. The linguine was is a very thin broth so it was more like eating a noodle soup. And the chicken just lacked flavor all the way around. If I were planning a nice dinner for someone, I wouldn’t risk taking them to the Tree Frog. I would, however, like to try them for lunch. The old operation on Texada has some pretty wonderful hot sandwiches and I’d like to try them out again. Bottom line: I can’t recommend it because good service and decor can’t make up for poorly prepared food.


~ by maijatomboy on December 13, 2010.

One Response to “Tree Frog Bistro”

  1. Yes I agree, Tree Frog Bistro was only ok. Chicken Paprika was only so/so; sauce was great but chicken was industrially grown and tasted tinny/metallic. My friends soup and salad were good. Service was good but we were greeted with “this is a soft opening” so I said “should I expect a bad experience ?”; not a good way to greet new guests !
    Don’t know what the buzz is about accept that Powell Riverites seem to be desperate for something new and exciting.

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