Why don’t we have a good Chinese restaurant?

It seems like every town and village in BC has at least one Chinese restaurant, and most of them are just horrible. I mean horrible as in school-cafeteria-food-horrible. And if the food is bad, the service is even worse. It’s like they go out of their way to make your experience as bad as possible. “Oh, we have customers! Let’s have a yelling conversation across the restaurant with our friends! Wait, I know: let’s bring out the mop bucket full of chlorine bleach water and start mopping the floor while they eat!”

Just think about this for a minute. In Vancouver/Richmond, we have an enormous community of first-generation immigrants from China, mostly Hong Kong. There is world-class Chinese food to be had in the city. Why is it so terrible in the outlying areas? Maybe our restaurants are run by people who can’t work in their ‘real’ professions so they figure, “What the hell, might as well open a restaurant.”

When Quality Foods supermarket opened they had a Chinese take-out operation in the deli. People were lining up 30 deep to get an aluminum tray of the gooey-sweet chicken with a side of bland overcooked noodles. I guess if you value volume rather than quality, it was a bargain at $7.

It seemed likely that the QF operation would put the other two Chinese restaurants out of business, but no, they are still hanging on. Dishing out crap food in all-you-can-eat buffets.


~ by maijatomboy on December 13, 2010.

3 Responses to “Why don’t we have a good Chinese restaurant?”

  1. I couldn’t disagree more. Gourmet Canton never dishes out “crap food in all you can eat buffets:. Emily serves excellent food and, if requested, will happily create authentic Chinese cuisine for whatever occasion. So I’ve had wonderful Fish Soup (can’t remember the real name) and some amazing dishes from her home province in China. I’d suggest you try it and see for yourself….

  2. I went to Gourmet Canton twice. The first time, I got the food to go because the restaurant atmosphere was not very inviting. But the food held promise. I went a second time and ate in the dining room, and everything was just awful. Since my budget for eating out is limited, I tend to stay clear of a place where I’ve had a bad experience. Thanks for your comment. I’m glad you’ve had good meals there.

  3. You nailed it with your comments about Quality Foods’ chinese food. Why do people like that crap? it’s horrible. And Gourmet Canton is horrible too. 17 bucks with tip for a small plate of noodles and pork balls and a drink. GTFO

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