Fish & Chips?

You would expect to find some awesome good fish & chips in nice little seaside towns like Powell River and Lund, wouldn’t you. Yeah, me too. But I haven’t found any and I’ve been on a sort of mission since I moved here. I’ve had them caked in batter an inch thick and overcooked. I’ve had them limp and soggy. And I’ve been offered those ridiculous, rancid plastic packets of tartar sauce at every turn. If I find any good fish & chips, you’ll be the first to know.

Thaidal Zone fish and chips- nope, not good. Stick with the Thai menu.

Fish & Chix (chip truck up in Cranberry) -really not good. super greasy and soggy, bad oil, bad chips. Only good thing about them is the way they serve em up in newspaper.

Beach Hut, summer 2012: There is nothing to love about these fish and chips. The batter is heavy, dense, and grease logged. The fish portion is skimpy. The fries were good, but don’t waste your money on the fish. Note: every summer there are different people cooking at the Beach Hut. One year they had a young fellow from the VIU culinary school and the fish and chips were AMAZING. Sadly that young fellow moved on and things went back to mediocre.

The Shinglemill, Summer 2014. These were the best fish and chips in town. Moist fish, crispy batter that wasn’t too heavy, good tartar sauce, and nice fries.  I cannot predict how long they will continue to serve good fish and chips though because there is a lot of turnover in the kitchen.

Red Lion Pub, Summer 2014. Yikes, those were some terrible fish and chips.


~ by maijatomboy on January 29, 2011.

6 Responses to “Fish & Chips?”

  1. I made the mistake of trying the fish & chips being sold out of the back of the old truck in Cranberry (Fish & Chix) It was the worst experience ever.
    Was almost run down trying to dodge busy traffic to cross the street.
    All you smell is diesel fumes & fry exhaust from the truck & all the traffic on busy Cranberry.
    The fish & chips are grossly overpriced & NOT fresh. The fish I received mostly consisted of batter to make it appear it was a large piece, Both chips & fish were also overcooked & double dipped in obvious old oil. GROSS.
    After removing the batter, I could really tell the fish was less than expected quality. I fed it to my dog thinking it would be alright for her to consume without the batter, but I was wrong she got sick. When I returned home, about 15 minutes later, I was sick & vomiting. I think I got food poisoning, but not sure. Felt better the next day. Lesson learned. Don’t expect edible fish & chips from the back of an old vehicle parked in a driveway. I will not be returning.

  2. I had a fantastic meal at fish n chix in cranberry the halibut and chips was the best i have ever had… My friend had a burger to die for…I would eat there anytime a great place for a great meal…
    Thanks chris courtenay bc

  3. Re: the fish & chix truck in cranberry, I share your opinion , super greasy, oil soaked & its old oil. They aren’t licensed, yet people are sitting around openly drinking beer under the gazebo set up next to the sidewalk when we ordered. I don’t mind so much, as long as kids are not present, but smoking too? Come on. Both totally breaks health code rules & it’s against the law period. Not good food & unethical owners that sit around drinking & smoking with customers in the middle of the afternoon, all while open for business. Food bad, business practices bad. All bad.

  4. Lund Hotel and Laughing Oyster both have great fish and chips. Laughing Oyster is the best i’ve had anywhere, including England!

  5. The Fish & Chix truck in cranberry was pretty good, She moved into a regular restaurant now which is much nicer. Julia is very nice, and if you have a problem with your order she’ll do anything she can to make it right… Good food there… cozy atmosphere. Its be the old edghill store on manson now.

  6. Fish & Chix was & remains a joke. Same rude service, same greasy old oil soaked fish & fries. Location is still a joke! Now operating out of an old run down store that should have been condemned years ago. Food not fit for a dog. Completely gross.

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