Good take-out in Powell River

Haylstonz Pizza is really tasty. I think it’s the best I’ve had in PR. The dough looks and tastes natural, not from the freezer. The sauce is a nice balance of tangy and spicy. And the pepperoni tastes great. My current favorite is the Chicken Special with chicken (duh), feta, and spinach. Love it! Good cheese, toppings in good proportions, what more could you ask from a pizza? Oh yeah, and they deliver.

Thaidal Zone is also very good, and it travels well. Great quality and quantity. Try the V10 from the vegetarian section. Green beans, fried tofu in a red curry sauce. Be sure to order rice because they don’t give it away for free.

Costa del Sol does take out and the fish/prawn tacos held up very nicely after my 15-minute drive home. This is a very green operation and if you let them know you have your own containers you can avoid styrofoam guilt.

Rene’s Pasta has hot dishes to go, or you can just buy the fresh pasta and sauce and do it yourself at home. Really yummy comfort food can be found at Rene’s, but stay away from the so-called Alfredo Sauce. It’s some sort of over-garlicky veloute or bechamel sauce that is pretty unpleasant. And if you’re making lasagne, don’t follow Rene’s advice about using the pasta raw. It results in a very unpleasant gooey mess. Instead, slice the pasta into 3-inch strips and boil it in a large pot of salted water, just until it’s al dente. Then proceed to make your lasagne.

Skeeter Jacks is about 15 minutes south of town, and people don’t go there for the ambiance. But they have a Halibut Sandwich that is so good it’s worth the drive. It’s a battered and deep fried filet, served on a plain old hamburger bun, but it all works very well.

Little Hut Curry has a limited menu, but their food is just wonderful. I love the butter chicken, papadam, and the fried paneer. Last time I checked, they would deliver your lunch if you call in the morning with your order.

Beach Hut has good fries. Everything else varies depending on who they hired for summer help.

Magpie Diner, up in Cranberry, makes a great breakfast bagel and it’s the perfect thing to take down to the ferry on your way out of town. A real egg, cooked medium hard, nice bacon, cheese and a tangy slice of tomato: it’s enough to make you drool. If you give them 15 minutes lead time, they’ll have it ready for you to pick up. Their grilled cheese is amazing, especially if you can get a cup of tomato soup. Only thing is, the sandwich quickly gets soggy in the take-out box, so unwrap it and eat it ASAP.

Ecossentials has really good entrees, soups, and sides that are prepared by a local chef. These are lovingly prepared dishes that are meant to be heated up and enjoyed at home.

Royal Zayka offers takeout.  I haven’t tried it, but my experience with Indian food is that it travels well.

Base Camp offers sandwiches, wraps, muffins and other baked goods. This is some very tasty food.

No good Chinese food, no good hamburgers, no source of good fish and chips in Powell River. There are some opportunities here for someone.


~ by maijatomboy on March 14, 2011.

6 Responses to “Good take-out in Powell River”

  1. i enjoy river city’s take out aswell…very fast and fresh…also vietnam cuisine is really good!!

  2. I have to add my piece about “The Beach Hut” I ordered the calamari and when I went to give it a try, I was shocked that I picked up like 8 pieces at a time. It was so over cooked that it crunched. Not only was that a disgust, I was even more grossed out when the chef sat a few tables over and puffed on a smoke while playing with her dog and picking her leg. Nasty!!! I will never order food from there again. The fish and chips weren’t bad, but seriously the chef made me want to gag!!!

  3. It’s funny, I was at the Beach Hut with friends last week and I saw the same scene you did (minus the picking at the leg). It didn’t bother me or my friends at all, but I guess we are a little relaxed that way. What I saw was a very hardworking teen in pretty fragile condition, who has been living rough for the last year. And a really cute dog that is the center of her world. Sounds like your calamari was cooked to death. Sorry you had a bad experience.

  4. Try wildwood store best pizza in town stufted crust

  5. Not a fan of thai or sushi, but I am a pizza aficionado. I long for the days when Panago comes back, although i suspect you wouldn’t be a fan of Panago, ha-ha!. So let me break down some of the local pizza:

    Haylstonz: probably my favorite, but they have a tendency to overcook which ruins the pizza and makes for very crunchy crust. Good sauce, good toppings, good cheese, and crust is good when not overcooked.

    Snickers (I saw where you wrote to avoid it). Probably my second favorite, nice zesty sauce, dough is usually good, good cheese, a bit sparse on toppings though.

    Paparazzi: my least favorite, way too much gooey/lardy cheese, bad tasting sauce, really bad pepperoni, dough is pretty good though. Seems they just throw the veggie toppings on after it’s been cooked, lol!

    Granada: hardly ever order from them, I just don’t feel right making the guy drive for 20+ minutes returns to deliver my pizza, so can’t really remember, although everyone has good things to say.

  6. Totally agree about this town having no good burger places. Everyone uses pre-made frozen patties. The town centre hotel hasnt changed their burger ideas in 20 years…please would someone create a homeade burger with many topping ideas please!!

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