Nancy’s Bakery in Lund

Sitting out on the patio with one of Nancy’s Cinnamon Buns and a cup of strong black coffee is a happy, happy place to be. The goods are fresh and real, the ambiance is no fuss and self-serve. The buns are a little too sweet, but that’s why we have the black coffee as a chaser. The breakfasts are pretty plain jane so I recommend going with a breakfast sandwich instead. I haven’t tried one of their sandwiches, but I have a feeling it would be great. Do yourself a favor: drive up to Lund, take a picture next to the Mile Zero of Highway 101 marker, then stroll over to Nancy’s for a treat. Admire the boats and the water and the view, take a deep breath and just relax.

Update: I bought a latte last time I was up at Nancy’s and I have to tell you, it was really fine. I suggest you pass on the brewed coffee and indulge in a latte, or better yet, a breve.

Update: Nancy needs to take some steps to discourage the hornets who are just awful in the summertime. I suggest a combination of the fake hornet nests they sell in garden stores and some hornet traps.


~ by maijatomboy on March 14, 2011.

3 Responses to “Nancy’s Bakery in Lund”

  1. Thanks for the tip re: Nancy’s. Boy are their cinnamon buns rich! Good though.

    When visiting, we’ve enjoyed breakfast at Starvin’ Marvin’s. Great service and simple, great food.

    We’re moving to PR very soon, and look forward to checking out more of your recommendations.

  2. I find that it was better about 10 years ago. Now whenever I go the menu is always the same and disappointing. I find the servers rushed and not exactly friendly either. Maybe changing the menu once in a while and smiling would help.

  3. It’s true KurtDe, the servers are almost always tense and rushed. I think that reflects the owner’s work ethic, but she needs to realize their product is an experience as well as food. And a smile would make the experience much better.

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