Yeah, I know: it’s a chain.
But I am very happy that we have a Starbucks in Powell River because I really like their coffee. If you want a decadent treat, get a double tall Breve latte. Worst deal in the house is the oatmeal. Geezus, $4 for a measly little cup of instant oatmeal?!
On the positive side, it’s nice to see that our Starbucks hires old people, as well as the young and beautiful. And there is an outdoor area where you can soak in the sun, but it’s pretty noisy from the nearby traffic, and most days you have to keep your coat on. But that’s life on the coast, eh?


~ by maijatomboy on April 18, 2011.

One Response to “Starbucks”

  1. The staff at the drive thru are very cool and friendly, always feel welcomed there, unlike another place that will go unmentioned haha! Some real cuties work there too. Great coffeee.

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