Vietnam Cuisine

This isn’t a bad place, but it’s not a great place either. Despite the name, this place is actually pan-Asian which is usually not a good thing. The people are nice, the portions are good, the price is reasonable. The Tom Ka Gai is tasty. The Pad Thai is good, and I’ve enjoyed the Thai curries as well. Unfortunately everything is a little too sweet and if you are looking for Vietnamese food, you may be disappointed.


~ by maijatomboy on June 7, 2011.

3 Responses to “Vietnam Cuisine”

  1. It used to be better. I do like the Pho house special soup. that’s really good

  2. Thank you for your feed back. We have had quite a bit of comments about our menu of how it has quite a contrast with the name of our restaurant, Vietnam Cuisine.
    In the beginning of the process on opening our restaurant, the owners’ original plan was to open a Thai/Laos restaurant. Unfortunately our request for opening a Thai restaurant was denied. We had to came up with a different request.
    Vietnamese menu was the closest type to our menu ideal and is well known among the consumers.
    We did considered Laos Cuisine. Due to a higher level of interest rate in Vietnamese Food, according to our personal survey, We decided to open a Vietnamese restaurant.
    On April 23, 2007 Vietnam Cuisine was Established

    Thank you for your support for the last 9 years and many more.

    Vietnam Cuisine

  3. Wow, I had no idea the city would restrict competition among Thai restaurants. That seems highly suspicious! Good luck in your endeavors!

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