Savoury Bight

This place was never recommended to me, so it’s taken several years for me to finally get there. I understand that it’s been through many changes of ownership over the last few years. Maybe the secluded location makes it hard to draw people in. But let me cut to the chase: I had such a yummy Oyster Po Boy that it’s left me craving another. It was just perfect. They didn’t fancy it up, just sweet, perfectly fried oysters, on a simple white roll with a simple mayo-based dressing and some lettuce. Absolutely succulent. And they are serving Townsite Brewing craft beer, which just happens to taste pretty wonderful with an Oyster Po Boy. I hear it’s great fun to watch big storms toss logs around and crash against the jetty that is just across the parking lot. I’m gonna have to check that out next time we have a big one blow in from the south. Maybe I’ll see you there.

Update: 2012
I had dinner here with a couple of friends and found the quality very disappointing, and overpriced.


~ by maijatomboy on May 27, 2012.

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