We had a delicious breakfast at this little place located out by the airport. As we walked up the smell was like a handful of other wonderful breakfast cafes I’ve found here and there throughout my life. It has a comfortable feel about it and all kinds of airplane models and memorabilia suspended from the high ceiling and decorating the walls. But not too much; it doesn’t feel cluttered. It feels airy and looks tidy and clean. I had the bacon, eggs, potatoes and toast, and it was all excellent. My companion had a breakfast sandwich and she said it was delicious, on really good bread. What really made my meal outstanding was that the potatoes were nice slices, fried up perfectly. I’ll definitely go back soon, and maybe next time I’ll try a sandwich or soup.

Update: Since writing the initial review, quality went down, then back up at Julie’s. I stayed away for a year or so after a bad experience with breakfast that had yucky leftover baked potatoes used for hashbrowns and dried out toast. However, I tried them again a few weeks ago and everything was delicious. The service is fast, and I really enjoyed sitting in the sunlit room, enjoying a terrific fry up.


~ by maijatomboy on August 19, 2012.

3 Responses to “Julie’s”

  1. The Place is called Julie’s , not Julia’s…. Great Blog… Bang on in my opinion and I am a huge food critic myself…

  2. Thank you so much for your words of support. And I fixed the Julia/Julie post!

  3. We have gone to Julie’s many times maybe luck but we have always had a good meal there! Great atmosphere, and friendly staff !

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