Townsite Brewery

Hip, authentic, delightful. What a wonderful contribution to Powell River’s panache. This upstart business seems to be doing everything right. They create consistently tasty and complex craft beers. From the designs of their labeling to the decor of the retail outlet, everything is very cool, very beautiful. And people I talk to feel so proud to see such a quality product coming from our little Townsite settlement. If you’re going to be buying beer for a group, be sure to ask about the growler program. It’s a zero waste way to buy your beer and it will save you a bundle. And it’s the only way you’ll get to enjoy the Suncoast Pale Ale. This special brew is served exclusively on the Sunshine Coast, and only on tap or by the growler. It’s great stuff.

Update: Townsite Brewery keeps it fresh and exciting with their small batches of seasonal brew. The quality continues to be outstanding and they are racking up quite a collection of awards. In their first 3 months, they had already exceeded the sales goal they hoped to achieve at the 3-year mark. Local demand is so high that it is making it difficult to expand their geographic distribution. Be sure to bring your craft beer-loving friend by for a taste.

Update: Townsite Brewery is keeping the creativity and quality high, winning several prizes in craft brew competitions. They give a great tour and offer generous samples at their tasting bar.


~ by maijatomboy on August 24, 2012.

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