Coastal Cookery

Halleluja! A beautiful restaurant with a really interesting menu has been created in a space that was home to a dowdy restaurant with less than mediocre food. But the beauty of Coastal Cookery is more than superficial. You will find friendly, well-trained wait staff, skilled cooks, and some very tasty food indeed. I tried the warm pretzel with mustard and the calamari for starters. Both were excellent, but the calamari was my favourite. You would be hard pressed to find a lighter, crispier batter, and the spicy aioli offered the perfect contrast. The Shortrib Slider entree was entirely satisfying. It was a rich platter of fork tender, braised beef on a bun, dressed with tangy barbecue sauce. Another amazingly wonderful dish is the Beurre Blanc Mac and Cheese. It’s quite humble-looking, but appearances are deceiving, in this case. The cheese sauce, which is rich and perfectly balanced, will make your mouth happy, while your brain tries to figure out what they used to create this nuanced dish. I haven’t seen anyone disappointed with any of the dishes, so I encourage you to explore the menu for yourself.

This restaurant is owned by the same couple that own Costa Del Sol. They often use local seafood and produce, and do large scale composting with the food waste. What a positive effect they have had on our town!

Update: January 2015

I was eager to go back and try some other offerings at the Coastal Cookery, but I fell for the Shortrib Sliders again. And once again they were exquisite! Rich, tender, perfectly braised beef, with grilled onions, all on a nice chewy roll with a light touch of barbecue sauce. Wow, I was in heaven! And the coleslaw was actually delicious! This was a pleasant surprise because most restaurants seem to consider coleslaw a decoration, rather than something worth eating. The servers were friendly, and the prices are very reasonable. What a great place! Maybe someday I’ll get around to trying something besides the Sliders.

Update: January 2017

The Calamari rings are still the best I’ve had anywhere. Do yourself a big favour and order them as an appie. The Shortrib Sliders were in a watery, overly sweet barbecue sauce and lack of balance ruined the dish. I suspect that they over-braised the beef in barbecue sauce as there was no contrast between the flavor of the meat and the sauce. And the meat was way overcooked to the stringy, mushy stage.

On a happier note, I tried the Ling Cod on another occasion and it was perfectly cooked and delicious. I advise you to not order the Mac and Beurre Blanc (which is delicious) in the same meal as the Ling Cod. It was way too much buttery richness on one plate. I guess any fool would have seen that coming, but there you go.


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