Mitchell Brothers Grocery

Since many food lovers are also good cooks, I want to mention a terrific little grocery store up in the Cranberry neighborhood. Mitchell Brother’s Grocery is well kept, with wonderfully resonant wooden floors. The people who work there are friendly and efficient. The business and the building have a long history in Powell River,  but these qualities are not the reason I’m writing about this little neighborhood grocery.

The meat counter at Mitchell Brothers offers fresh cuts of beef, pork, and chicken that taste far better than you’ll find in any of the local supermarkets. The pork chops, rib eye steaks, and fresh ground hamburger are all especially good. Frankly, I wouldn’t buy hamburger anywhere else. The animals are conventionally raised, but the meat is cut in-house, and the butcher’s will accommodate your requests to the best of their ability.

If you’re lucky you will find eggs from One Tree Farm and they are hands-down the most beautiful eggs I’ve ever seen. The yolks are plump, the whites are thick, both indications that the eggs are super fresh. And they have the deepest colored yolks I’ve ever seen. These eggs come from a local farmer, and they must be taking good care of those hens.

In addition to the meat counter, there is a nice deli counter with very good quality cheeses and sandwich meats. Their potato salad is the only deli salad I’ve ever had that actually tastes good. It’s prepared from fresh ingredients in-house. Unfortunately, they use very uninteresting bread for the sandwiches, so it’s better to take the ingredients home and put them on something chewy and nice.

And speaking of bread, their bakery isn’t so good. It’s pretty much exactly like what you’de find at a big supermarket bakery. I suspect they use a packaged dough. The quality of the produce is variable. Sometimes the greens and herbs look pretty sad. At other times, you’ll find good deals on exceptionally nice local produce.

The store has long-standing ties with the Italian community in Powell River, and you can arrange to buy crates of wine grapes in the fall. An old Italian couple supplies the store with huge bouquets of fresh flowers, and they are cheaper than you would ever imagine.  You will find a lot of imported Italian products and a beautiful array of dried pasta.

Next time you go shopping, I suggest you stop off at Mitchell Brothers Grocery before you hit the supermarket. I think you’ll be pleased with what you find.


~ by maijatomboy on February 14, 2015.

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