Dining Al Fresco

Late summer and fall are such beautiful seasons here along the coast, and all the more appreciated because we know that once it’s over, we’re in for 8 or 9 months of rain. I like to be outdoors as much as possible at this time of year, and dining al fresco is a great way to celebrate the season. If you’re looking for places that have outdoor seating, here are reviews of places I’ve tried. You can find full reviews for most of these restaurants on my page List of Restaurants Reviewed. As the sun is going down, these decks get a lot of sunlight so wear your sunscreen or cover up. And don’t forget to bring a sweater, because the evenings cool down rapidly once the sun sets.

The Laughing Oyster is up near Lund with a view of Okeover Arm. The food is expensive with inconsistent quality, but the service is friendly. On warm afternoons, it can be sweltering on their covered deck, but in the evening it’s very nice.

Nancy’s Bakery in Lund provides a nice view of the Lund harbour. The food quality ranges from mediocre to wonderful, depending on what you order. Cinnamon buns are over-the-top, lattes are wonderful! Hornets are a problem if you sit outside, but the ambiance is worth it.

The Savoury Bight has some really cool seating at large cement ‘tables’ that have a small campfire in the centre and you can enjoy some pub food with a tasty beer from Townsite Brewery.

The Ravenous Raven on Texada has a nice covered deck. I haven’t tried the food since they reopened under new ownership, so I can’t offer any advice. However, if you’re on Texada, the choices are slim, and the Ravenous Raven seems like your best bet by far.

The Pub on Savary Island has outdoor seating on the deck and around back. I was very pleasantly surprised at the relatively reasonable prices and the quality of the Nachos we ordered. I would definitely give this place another try if I were out on Savary Island.

The Shinglemill also has a nice deck, although the cheapo plastic chairs are not very comfortable. They have constant turnover in the kitchen so it’s impossible to predict the quality of their food.

The Coastal Cookery has a deck that looks out to the water and sunset. It can get really hot on this deck when the sun is low on the horizon, so choose a table that is well shaded. Great food, great service.

Costa Del Sol has a very tiny deck that overlooks Marine Avenue. It sits high off the street and wisteria vines protect it from the bustle of Marine Avenue. Good food, good service.

Base Camp has some beautiful large, shared tables that see a lot of use.  These tables are right next to Marine Avenue, so there is a steady stream of traffic passing by, but the sunshine and camaraderie make it all very pleasant.


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